Kingston Tea Party 11/05/09, Michelle Bachmann invitation to D. C.

Dear Patriots,
    Please be advised that Minnesota Congresswomen Michelle Bachman
has extended an invitation to all Americans to meet her on the steps
of the Capital Building in Washington DC on November 5th, 2009  at
12:00pm to rally against the proposed GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE PLAN.
Her message will be clear and concise. DON'T KILL GRANDMA ; KILL THE

    To offer our undivided support on this issue, WE THE PEOPLE of the
American Patriots of The Hudson Valley / KingstonTea Party will
assemble in front of Congressman Maurice Hinchey's  and Congressman
Scott Murphy's offices on Thursday November 5, 2009 at 11:45AM . Our
KTP will be one of many nation wide groups gathering in front of their
elected representatives offices to convey a direct message to KILL THE

    Keep in mind that if it wasn't for THE AMERICAN TEA PARTY
movement, town hall meetings and press coverage by the FOX News
channel our elected officials would have already had this health care
bill signed, sealed and delivered with the kiss of death to every
granny in the nation.

   If you are unable to attend either of these event please contact
Hinchey's office at 845 331-4466 or 202 225-6335 and Murphy's office
at 518 828-3109 or 202 225-5614 and tell them to " KILL THE BILL ! "

  Congressman Hinchey's office is located at 291 Wall Street,Kingston,
NY. Please refer to your on line map for directions.

  Congressman Murphy's office is located at 623 Warren Street, Hudson,
NY.  Again please refer to your on line directions.

       For God, Family, Country and Our Liberties.

Please support Kingston Tea Party, attend if you can, call if you can't. 
Visit their site.

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