Dear Patriots,
It was great seeing all of you at our August 5th Kingston Tea Party meeting at the American Legion. We had 62
tea party members in attendance !  Thank you for your participation and commitment to our cause !
Please be advised that I have been contacted by fellow patriots Ed Gaddy and Imre Beke regarding  their
idea to conduct a Town Hall Meeting in the Town of Esopus.  It was agreed to schedule the meeting on Thursday, August 27th
at 7:00 pm at the Esopus Town Hall. The Town Hall is located at 172 Broadway ( Rt 9W ) directly
across the street from BOCES.  Ed will be submitting invitations to Senators  Kristen  Gillibrand and  Charles
Schumer and House Representatives Maurice Hinchey and Scott Murphy to attend this meeting. We will be discussing
President Obama’s National Health care plan proposal and our rebuttal to STOP this government infringement  upon
our lives. It is of great importance that our organization be well represented at this meeting so that we may send a
clear message  to Washington that WE THE PEOPLE will not allow the Obama Administration to socialize OUR NATION and
our health care plans !
Please contact as many individuals as possible to attend this extremely important event. If anyone has any question please
contact me at  845 399-6943 or Ed Gaddy at 845 417-6482.
The time to take back our Country is now !
For God, Family, Country and Our Liberties.
Tom Santopietro
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7 Responses to TOWN HALL MEETING ON AUGUST 27TH, 2009.

  1. Rocco Rizzo says:

    The time to take back out country was back in 2000 when the Supreme Court appointed Bush!

    You are 8 years late!

    Don’t like socialism?
    What about our socialized police and fire protection? Do you drive on our socialized roads?

    Give me a break. There are some things that people should not be allowed to make a killing on. Yes, people should make a living, but these damn insurance company CEOs and stockholders, who are constantly getting raises, are a couple of reasons why our health care costs are skyrocketing.

    Prepare for some resistance to your disruption of public meetings, which are supposed to keep the public informed, not boost your corporate agenda.

  2. Fredric C. Bozzo says:

    Thanks for the information. Why isn’t this published in the press? Will Congressman Hinchey be there? Has he made a committment? Will Senator Gillibrand be there?

    • boudicabpi says:

      I don’t know the answers to either of your questions, but this should be sent to the media, local, regional and state if it was not. Will try and find out.

  3. Rocco Rizzo says:

    I am sure that if someone contacted Hinchey’s office, if he has no prior engagements, he will be there.
    I cannot speak for the Senator.

    Other things that are “socalized.” The banking system (FDIC insurance for your deposits), water quality standards, road sign standards, Social Security, to name a few.

    As far as the cost of health care reform, yeah, it’s gonna be steep, and I hear that people are concerned about the cost. I only wonder where those people were when Bush, who had a budget surplus, spent our tax dollars like a drunken sailor, on a war of choice, in a country that was no threat to us. Why didn’t he go after Saudi Arabia, which is where the “terrorists” are from, and is a known harbor for said “terrorists?” Why did he let all members of the bin Laden family, who were in the US, leave the country on 9/12? Okay, a bit off topic, but he could have saved money by going after the right people.

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