UlsterCo. Resolution 0108: Oppose Ulster County anti-gun resolution

This was received in an email .

Date: Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 6:01 PM
Subject: [NYSRPA-ALERT] UlsterCo. Resolution 0108: Oppose Ulster County anti-gun resolution

I am forwarding to you an email I just sent to our legislators. Please contact your legislators and attend the meeting on Feb 5 at the Law Enforcement Center at 5:30. You will find the specifics of the meeting, the Democrats proposed resolution, and contact info for your legislators on the links toward the end of this email. Please forward this to others including gun clubs and other groups and try to get others to attend. I’ll see you there. Gaetana Ciarlante

From: patriot246
Date: Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 5:22 PM
Subject: [NYSRPA-ALERT] UlsterCo. Resolution 0108: Oppose Ulster County anti-gun resolution

Dear Dean, Bob and Mary.
I first heard about this resolution on Saturday when I attended a
meeting with Terry. This is urgent!!! The democrats have drafted a
resolution ” Requesting The United States Congress Implement Federal
Laws That Will Protect The Health, Safety and Welfare Of The Public
>From Death And Injury, Due To The Intentional Or Unintentional Misuse
Of Firearms.”

I am asking that you as our legislators from the Town of Saugerties
strongly oppose such a resolution. Additionally I am asking that you
draft another resolution declaring non-enforcement of these
unconstitutional and destructive and politically opportunistic laws
from both Governor Cuomo and from Washington, DC. Many lawmakers and
executives and Sheriffs throughout America are now going on record as
refusing to enforce these laws. See link below for Oathkeepers but
there are many more in addition to Oathkeepers’ members.

Also, please recognize that there are countries such as Switzerland
who successfully apply other practices to reduce violence. In
Switzerland each household is expected to be armed. While many
countries have been over-run, Switzerland survives and remains strong
and independent.
Please support the American people by opposing and taking whatever
action appropriate to rescind thse laws.
Thank you.
Gaetana Ciarlante

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