Saugerties government funded renters

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There is a large scale low income rental apartment project proposed for the town of Saugerties, particularly in the Glasco area, known as Dickerson’s Keep. The project will be largely dependent upon government funding (your taxes). At the August planning board meeting the assistant superintendent of schools said the project would create a need for at least a half million dollars school tax increase and that does not include services for special needs kids. Immediate concerns include but are not limited to:

  • Quality of Our SCHOOLS (including increased taxes,
  • Strain on the WATER SYSTEM


Saugerties Assertive Citizens for Responsible Economic Development is holding a meeting to which New York State representatives have been asked to attend on Monday September 26th at 7pm at the Glasco Firehouse.  Among the invitees are New York State Senator Bonacic, Assemblyman Peter Lopez, Assemblyman Kevin Cahill and New York State Housing and Community Renewal Commissioner, Darryl Towns. The public is encouraged to attend and discuss their concerns about laws and regulations which create heavy burdens on home owners. This meeting is being prompted by the proposed development known as Dickerson Keep by Regan Development Corporation, Dickerson’s Keep LLC, and Orange County Rural Development Advisory. Members of SACRED have discovered that approval for this project by New York State Housing and Community Renewal Commissioner, then Brian Lawler, was sought by Saugerties Town Board in January of this year. Commissioner Lawler has since been replaced by Governor Cuomo with Darryl Towns. The meeting will be at the Glasco Firehouse on Liberty Street in the Town of Saugerties at 7PM.

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  1. This is something Saugerties needs. But it must be tempered by public opinion, as recent news shows that Hispanics and Blacks are not readily accepted in Saugerties.

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