A Tea Party Rally, NOT!

Time for the public to wake up. Hopefully NY and other overtaxed, overspent states will follow Gov. Walker’s lead. The starting gun has been fired and the game begins. It is Obama and his precious unions against the American public. Contact your NY Senator and legislator and ask them to get behind, introduce and support similar measures.

H/T to Patriot Action Network.

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1 Response to A Tea Party Rally, NOT!


    So once again, the Lord’s Of Christ have their elephant crusaders ready to stampede as they did in Germany duriing Armageddon I&II………

    The God’s Of Purgatory are EUPHORIC as schools shut down, as hospitals shut down, as garbage collectors pick up the DEAD body’s on the road in their euphoric moments of crazed Armageddon at their feet……..

    • BUT, hey that $$$$ of the King of King’s and absolute authority on the gory-glory NEEDS THAT $$$$$ for PENTAGON not USA militaries! The Pentagon Navy’s 5th FLEET military has its – PERMANENT BASE – located in the Emirates of Bahrain PROTECTING global-petro-chemical cartels. Y, Y, Y, are the MEEK so silent – Oh, King of King’s: James VI: U the MEEK – Inherit the Earth – one shovel full at a time!

    May ALL inhueman human VENOM be ASSASSINATED by ORGANIC MEALS in HEALTHY GREEN ENVIRONMENTS….. Have an aGREENable Day & may there NEVER AGAIN be GOP-compromise-AGREEABLEness unless it is to be aGREENable! PERIOD!

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