Expected Tax Increases, WTF. How’s that progressive hope and change going to treat you?

Here are all of the tax increases we’re going to see come
Jan 1 unless something is done beforehand. This should be emailed to
every buddy on your email list:

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1 Response to Expected Tax Increases, WTF. How’s that progressive hope and change going to treat you?


    And just what do you propse doing about taxes…… PICK UP A GUN & REVOLT IN GORY-GLORY??? You never bothered to get involved when IBM walked out in the midst of the Saving & Loan MORTGAGE fiasco of the late 1980’s early 1990’s and deserted us after taking almost 3 years to complete that walkway in the Town of Ulster!

    Without EMPLOYMENT who is paying taxes AND it is YOU that prevent employment so that TAXES would no longer be a burden! OUR Republic was designed for the government to be the MAJOR EMPLOYER based on income from TAXES…….!

    The premise WAS that Capitalism would be SELF-PERPETUATING and new invention’s will constantly bring the world closer together to the point that it is ILLEGAL destroy or archive a more huemanity healthy product for an inferior product.

    “Safe-monies” become Elder Retirement investments as in SAFE-MORTGAGES in the USA because REGULATIONS were placed on that mortgage DRAGON back in the early 1990’s… hose regulations were LIFTED by George Walker Bush as the Corporate Conglomerate Christ on the Throne and ALL Republican’s bowed to Kiss His feet……! And for absolutely NO REASON mortgage rates were REDUCED 50% and PRICES DOUBLED in real estate thking the niave world into the quicksand of GLOBAL ANGLO CORPORATISM and the World War-3 that we are in the midst of.

    There is absolutley no alternative to the GREEN path unless WAR is your only mission!

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