Letter to the editor

I received the below in an email. I have edited out the name and phone number of the writer.

Dear Editor, I am sending the letter below to submit to the Editor in this week’s edition of your publication. Thank you!

Congressman Hinchey is addicted to spending other people’s money. And even beyond that addiction is that of power and prestige. It seems there is no level of spending beyond which he will not go.  He was a major supporter of government guaranteed sub-prime loans to unqualified borrowers which led to the financial collapse.  He voted for the $700B TARP bank bailouts, the unproductive $800 billion stimulus which has mainly stimulated more government jobs, the wasteful “Cash for clunkers” program which only  transferred car sales from one period to another while transferring the costs to taxpayers.  Of course he voted for the disastrous Obama Health Care program which will cost trillions of dollars and ration health care, especially to senior citizens and the disabled. The effect is already being felt in the form of much higher insurance premiums some with increases of 25% already.  Hinchey now supports job killing tax increases which would further damage our economy which is struggling through a stubborn recession with 10% unemployment.  These are only a few highlights of Congressman Hinchey’s 36 years of irresponsible actions while holding public office but it now reached levels which threaten to entirely bankrupt our country. His response to the national deficit question during his debate against George Phillips on October was to smugly ask the moderator. “What deficit?”

On the other hand this year we have a real choice to rid ourselves of the chains of this unresponsive autocratic self-interested politician.

George Phillips is a young, energized, open-minded, hard-working family man and educator who has experience working in Congress. While Hinchey is trying to scare us with campaign ads about George Phillips, none of those accusations are founded. George remains committed to education and in fact is an educator himself.


It’s time to fight back! Don’t give Hinchey another chance to increase the national debt, raid your IRA, raise your taxes and impoverish your children and grandchildren.  Vote him out and send George Phillips to make our voices heard in Washington.


Saugerties, NY

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1 Response to Letter to the editor


    Follow the path of George Phillips and maintain the culture of SICKNESS as the 22nd congressional districts MAJOR economy followed by CRIME due to POVERTY; Autism due to ABUSIVE corporatism, etc….!

    NO FRACKING – the MISSING OIL is causing the EARTHQUAKES and Tsunami’s around the globe – it is the petro-chemical cartels that are ‘at-war’ with the global governments; the NEW flag of Russia is RED WHITE & BLUE but PLEASE do not blame OUR government – EVERYTHING in the Pentagon goes unquestioned Gary Powers & the ill fated U-2 ‘spy’ mission that came down on the Russian Armistice Day that President Eisenhower & Congress knew NOTHING about TO the STAR WAR’S program becoming a REALITY without OUR government awareness YEARS ago as was also the case with the Russian Space Station #1. It was a ‘SECRET’ from the world for over a decade. WHY, unless WE are under the rule of global corporatism…..!

    The choice is ABSOLUTELY clear: War’s of punishment to keep the economy afloat OR continue to enter the GREEN pesticide free path to the GREEN DOOR and pass over that Bridge of Affordability instead of the Republican’s “needed” inflation that the Anglo-mind set of Wall Street preparing U.S. society for WAR within our borders by the Christian Right that are ABSOLUTELY NOT CORRECT………

    When YOU care about the Children of Huemanity – you will understand WHY Maurice Hinchey is the ONLY choice for an American born in the USA to CHOOSE….

    The top 5% INVEST their profit MONEYs into Wall Street and NOT Main Street; THEY the top 5% paid 90% in INCOME TAX ~ WITHOUT OBJECTION 50 years ago; let them speak for themselves Mr. Phillips – they do not need your protection REGARDING income tax rates returning to where they recently WERE. My un-biased suggestion: NO PROFITS within the military arms industries DURING a time of WAR! Difficulty: The U.S. is not at WAR since the INVADERS are never at war but their TERROR is REAL upon huemanity CREATING WAR for the INVADED that they would rather NOT be in & should not have to be in but neither should they submit to the invaders! The DOT.COM millions were INVESTED in huemanity within society: many Organic Farms, GREEN industries creating employment, alternative schools that offer LEARNING along with ‘education’ and ALL with the common bond: Huemanity which is OUR children’s future in the NOW and not some hypothetical time in the unreachable future.

    With that said; Maurice is our GUIDE to being HEALTHY. The “other” Guy is the path into history being constantly repeated and another world war camouflaged as another Armageddon as King James in 1611 wrote about in his “Book for all Reason’s” from suffering to heaven after the death of your body BUT the “Here-After” is always ignored by the religionist churches of the Holy Ghost: CORPORATISM!

    I am a PROUD American in this SHAMED Christian country of the U.S. in the America’s under global-corporate occupation from the Christ of the Supreme Court to the Pentagon’s militaries that are never to be questioned with biblical quotes on their video-game laser equipped hand weapons of hueman destruction! Mr. Phillips, your time passed 70 years ago in that ‘other’ country where corporatism WENT to rule by the Letter of Law newly re-storied in definitions of Law….. Just the FACTS, folks!

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