Maurice Hinchey!

“Hinchey Debt”

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4 Responses to Maurice Hinchey!


    Give Phillips a vote IF you truly want WW-3……..!

    Give George Phillips a vote IF you truly want a repeat of the Christian Nazi movement with selective ZERO tolerance of the LAW as we observed in Germany after the Anglo induced GREAT DEPRESSION…..!

    IF you are angry with Maurice Hinchey THEN make sure that WE have GREEN commitments that WILL bring about EMPLOYMENT for the many!

    IF you respect Maurice Hinchey as I do; then MAKE SURE THAT OUR MUNICIPALITIES are declared CARBON PESTICIDE – FREE zones so that those GREEN commitment become ECONOMIES and SUNY New Paltz OPENS the College of the Ecological Arts…….!

    George Phillips keeps insinuating that ONLY WAR will bring prosperity to the US after the nuclear mess is cleaned up! Do you care about HUEMANITY on earth and NOT after the death of our body – THEN – give a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE the Maurice Hinchey with as much ‘caution’ as you choose as LONG as that caution is based on the ATTRIBUTES of huemanity within society……!

    With harmonic GREEN GROWTH change is consistent in harmony with huemanity!
    Change without HARMONIC GROWTH is the continued gladiator arena of FEAR balance by GUNS instead of ORGANIC DIETS IN HEALTHY GREEN ENVIRONMENTS which is the GREATEST FEAR of the Toxic Tea Drinker’s BECAUSE their FEAR can never survive an Organic Diet in HEALTHY GREEN ENVIRONMENTS………!

    Old man Satan, that arrived with the Holy Roman Empires, WE have your Achilies Heel in sight and like that Satanic Ball of Fire in the mourning YOU will fade into oblivion as ORGANIC DIETS destory your VENOM! Remember: those satellites are NOT BURNED TO A CRISP as would happen to us being in the face of that ball of fire DOWN-HERE where the ‘Born-Again’ placed WE American’s in that PLEDGE TO THE CHILDREN OF HUEMANITY that then became a ‘pledge to the cloth’ of religion in this very Christian country!

  2. bobby brown says:

    Wow your an angry mad sicko, get help

    • boudicabpi says:

      Bobby Brown,
      If I responded in kind I would denigrate to your level. If your argument is name calling you have lost. That being said you can always give your opinions here. Welcome agree or disagree.
      Bob A.


    Enter into THAUGHT: HOW DO WE GET OUT OF THIS designed to happen mess WITHOUT the BLAZING GUNS of King James’ road to GORY-GLORY and PIECE(s)?

    If not thru the GREEN DOOR which MUST HAVE carbon pesticide & household chemical FREE municipalities WRITTEN COMMITMENTS that will DISOLVE the SEA OF RED DEBT, then HOW? Just HOW do YOU propose we get there from down-here in Satan’s actuality into the ‘other-side’ of purgatory into being HEALTHY again? WE must pass over this suffering addiction & into the GREEN_DOOR of $ trillion dollar INTERDEPENDENT ECONOMIES. WE, huemanity, can then be beyond the reach of GLOBAL-CORPORATISM that has our YOUTH as their US taxpayer paid GLADIATOR COMMODITIES in this throwaway society where the MANY have entered the recycling path to the TransVolution Express but lack the clout the WRITTEN COMMITMENTS bring alive.

    Absolutely;, If not thru the GREEN DOOR then PLEASE describe the PATH that you & your ADDICTED TO VENOM have chosen & PROJECT IT FORWARD so the WE can all PROJECT FORWARD with YOUR common-sense approach – Keep in mind: An Organic HEALTHY body in NON-TOXIC environments FULFILLS ALL REQUIREMENTS of the Alchemy that CREATES Harmony’s that ERASE debt and sickness that is not a Mother Nature immunity JUST for STARTERS towards the BEGINNINGS of $100 Trillion Dollar inter-dependent global OUT OF DEBT economies in the NOW which is the ONLY REACHABLE FUTURE…….

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