Sour” voters reluctant to reward Democrats for the legislative success (what success??)

I received this today from a Hudson Valley Patriot. It is a good take on the out of touch Democrat Schmuck that NY has elected as a Senator. Vote Schumer out on Nov. 2, 2010 and send self proclaimed progressive Gillibrand packing along with him. Vote out Representative Maurice Hinchey and replace him with George Phillips.

Oh Chuckie – you’re a confused man. “Sour” voters reluctant to reward Democrats for the legislative success (what success??) are one of the reasons the party is trailing in the polls according to Chuck Schumer. Schumer describes success as the passing of Obamacare (yes we all like paying more and receiving less); credit card reform (how many lost credit cards b/c they paid them off monthly?); Wall Street Reform (not enough room to comment) to name a few. Asked if his party has done a poor job of messaging, Schumer said no, people think all of these things are good, (what people? The Progressives? The socialists?) but {ask} are they making my life better? And the two most major things we’ve done haven’t had much of an effect yet b/c when you do major, major legislation, it doesn’t take effect the next day, he said. He continued with this: Democrats will do well if they point out to mainstream voters that government is on their side. I almost fell out of my chair when I read that! The average person feels they need help in the difficulties they are in…..their goal is to have a government that is helping them. All I can say is this man is Out of touch and hopefully out of work come November! The

Schumer’s comments bother me for many reasons but as we learned or rather as we were reminded at Glenn’s rally – The America envisioned by our Founders is slipping away so we MUST build solidarity and confidence in America, in Americans, in our Constitution, in our Freedom. Through that solidarity we can regain what we’ve lost and put the progressives/socialists, with their ‘bigger government’ and the ‘government is your friend/nanny’ notions out to pasture where they belong.

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