Solidarity for NY State’s Sovereignty & the Constitution

Solidarity for NY State’s Sovereignty & the Constitution


Join New York’s most important rally of our time at noon for the 10th Amendment on the 7th of August in Albany at the capital steps. Its time NY engages the fight to affirm the 10th and the rights of the people.

Call your sheriff now and ask if he/she and/or their Deputies will join Sheriff Mack and we the people this coming Saturday at High Noon to take a stand for “We the People” and the State of NY because they are Americas last hope!

Find your sheriff’s number here >

Please donate $10, $20 or more, we are still short at

See you Saturday brings signs and flags

Who’s coming? – Keynote speaker – Sheriff Mack Supreme Court ruling Sheriff is top authority, Lenny Roberto President and Founder of Primary Challenge, Robert Schultz We the People & the Continental Congress, Rick M. Montes New York State Tenth Amendment Center, John Wallace Oath Keepers, Other speakers – to be confirmed, All 58 NY County Sheriffs have been formally invited, Other Sheriffs from other states will be joining us in support and Many Grassroots Candidates.

John Darash

Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack

The Duties of Sheriff

The United States of America vs the enemy within!

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