New Yorkers Wake Up.

Schumer and Gillibrand voted to give Obama and his EPA unprecedented power. Hinchey is likewise a rubber stamp of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid power grab. Vote them out in November. As your freedoms are eroded government powers grow and expand. Call Schumer and Gillibrand and express your opposition to their tyrannical BS.

Grassfire Nation Update
Cap and Tax Scheme


We’ve just learned that Lisa Murkowski’s (SJ Res. 26) —
a resolution that would have removed any authority the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had in enacting
mandates, taxes and fees based on the greenhouse gas
findings was defeated Thursday by a vote of 53-47.

According to reports, all Republicans supported the
amendment, along with six Democrats, including: Sens.
Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor (D-AR), Evan Bayh,
(D-IN), Mary Landrieu (D-LA) Jay Rockefeller, (D-WV),
and Ben Nelson (D-NE).

The loss opens the door for President Obama to usurp
the authority of the Senate to enact his massive
Climate Change legislation by pushing it though the
EPA under the “Clean Air Act.”

As one global warming proponent said, “Passage of the
[Murkowski] resolution would have dealt a severe blow
to Obama’s plan to pass climate change legislation this

Robert, that all changes now!

If your Democrat Senators were not among those listed
above, call them today and express your anger over
their vote and support of Obama’s Climate Change plan.

Sen. Schumer        202-224-6542

Sen. Gillibrand        202-224-4451

+ + Emboldened Obama to Push Climate Change Legislation

There’s no question that this vote will embolden Obama
to aggressively push his “Cap and Tax” climate legislation
in the weeks to come.

We must be ready to counter and short-circuit his actions
by rallying support against legislation that has been
described by some experts as an “economic death blow”
resulting in lost jobs and skyrocketing annual taxes.

Please forward this message to 20-30 friends, urging
them to join with you against Obama’s coming “Cap and Tax”
scheme by clicking on the link below:

Again, make your calls, and then forward this important update.
With your help we can rally and mobilize an additional
50,000 signers – pushing us past the 400,000 petition mark
in the days ahead.

Thanks again for taking action with Grassfire Nation!

Grassfire Nation

P.S: To sign our petition, have your friends click here:

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2 Responses to New Yorkers Wake Up.

  1. barbara mitchell says:

    Vote down this cap and trade bill. You are taking everything away from us that we have worked hard to achieve.

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