Comments by Pam O’Dell, Organizer of GardinerRight:

Comments by Pam O’Dell, Organizer of GardinerRight:

GardinersRight recently attended an event in New Paltz where our congressman, Maurice Hinchey, ranted against the recent Supreme Court decision of Citizens United, which upheld the right for poltical free speech in our country. Hinchey claimed that things being said on the right, and he sited Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, had to be stopped because they “threatened” our country. I am appalled that the man who is supposed to be representing me in Congress is opposed to freedom of speech in general, and political free speech in particular! Meanwhile, I shortly after received a 4 page, 4 color mailer from Hinchey parroting all of the Pelosi talking points about Obamacare – and this was PAID FOR WITH TAX DOLLARS. So, free speech is not ok with him, unless it’s used to spread the liberal propoganda and is paid for with our hard earned money? People on both sides of the issue should be appalled at any government representative who denounces free speech at the same time he uses it to his political advantage. That’s why I’m supporting George Phillips for Congress in November to make Mr. Hinchey’s political career history!

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