Fuel for thought.

Gas Odyssey Trailer

binkleybloom — April 13, 2010 — A film about the development of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale in the Southern Tier of New York and Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

Natural gas is a natural resource, tax dollars are not. Let your politicians know this. Every one wants a safe and clean environment but it’s time to tell the environmentalists enough is enough. Their environmental policies create as much harm as good. Those that support “windmills” for energy are the same people screaming about cellular towers.

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4 Responses to Fuel for thought.

  1. Philip says:

    When is ‘enough’ enough – Wind mills do not give off the radiation of Cell Towers. No petro-chemical global warming – let’s lift all regulations and go back to lead based gasoline – OK?

    Now, connect you car’s exhaust to the dryer vent in the basement. Now get ready for bed; what, you won’t go inthe house – WHY?

    Don’t tell me there is no global earming unless you show me graducation papers from school! WHY: to confirm that you are a memebe of the EDUCATED STUPID…..!


  2. boudicabpi says:

    Hi Philip,

    “Don’t tell me there is no global earming unless you show me graducation papers from school! WHY: to confirm that you are a memebe of the EDUCATED STUPID…..!”

    Not being, I guess as highly educated as you I can’t speak on global earming and don’t know what I may or may not be a memebe of. No, I don’t have any graducation papers from school. Climate change has been here since earth’s beginnings and will be here until it’s end.

    I will expand on this more tomorrow. Thanks for visiting and commenting with your views.

  3. Philip says:

    Please re-read my post and comply with the experiment inside YOUR HOUSE & SEE what you are doing inside this EGG that can’t be cracked!

    That “high on GOD” school kid knows that the ONLY way to enter her Christian HEAVEN is via polluted sickness and NOT being HEALTHY…. Employment that is inter-dependent with huemanity is the ENEMY of her & your Holy Ghost: Corporate Christian CORPORATISM eliminating the COMPETITION of capitalism!

    How many Christian INVASIONS during the Holy Roman 20th century with WMD’s and 350 FEAR INSTILLED GLADIATOR PENTAGON Bases protecting GLOBAL petro-chemical cartel OIL being STOLEN in the name of Christian U.S. style FREE_MARKET_CORPORATISM……….

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