Daily KOS, SEIU and others mobilizing behind Obamacare, we must fight back. Please pass on.

Please read the article below! The progressives will bombard Congress with e-mails, phone calls, etc on February 24. 2010. Their goal is to get ONE MILLION!!! people to sign petitions. If we don’t do the same we will lose the battle on health care! Scott Brown or not, they will pass this with reconciliation.
Please call, e-mail or fax your congressional delegates. For those of you in Nevada, the numbers are:
Reid: 388-5020 or 866-736-7343, fax: 388-5030.
Ensign: 388-6605.
Heller: 255-1651
Titus: 387-4941, fax: 837-0728
Berkley: 220-9823, fax 220-9841
All of them can be reached by e-mail from their websites. The sites will also give you their Washington phone numbers as well as their fax numbers.
Please forward this to as many people as you possibly can.

The above from our friend Jack in an e-mail. The below from the Daily KOS. We must fight back. Please contact your Congressperson and say NO.

MoveOn, HCAN, SEIU join us for massive Feb. 24th 1,000,000 Voices for HCR mobilization

by nyceve

Fri Feb 19, 2010 at 05:42:50 AM PST

And here comes the Cavalry to seal the healthcare deal.

Over the last week or so, we’ve mobilized an unprecedented coalition of the largest progressive organizations in the nation, including MoveOn, HCAN, DFA, Progressive Congress and SEIU–with others expected to join imminently.

On February 24th, the day before the Presidential Healthcare Summit, we will deliver to Washington DC, a scream they will never, ever forget.


We’ll do this via calls, faxes, Tweets, Facebook, emails, telegrams, balloon drops and carrier pigeons. Whatever. It. Takes.

This coalition is committed like nothing this country has ever witnessed, to turning the dream of guaranteed and affordable healthcare into reality.

I now believe, come hell or high water, President Obama will sign a bill, and it might even include a public Option.

Failure is not an option. Don’t believe me about the nightmare consequences of failure, but please believe Paul Krugman. So this miraculous day in the Rose Garden or Oval Office must happen, and in large part it will happen due to the hard work all of us will undertake on Wednesday, February 24th.

Repeat after me, please: Wednesday, February 24th, a day Washington will never forget.

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