Health Care: What You Can Do, an e-mail from Sen. John Cornyn

Bob –

I just witnessed the 60th vote in the Senate to move the Democrats’ contentious $2.5 trillion health care bill forward to a vote. No matter what the Democrats may try to tell you this is a bill that will increase taxes, cut Medicare and use fancy accounting tricks to hide its true cost. The American people deserve better and Senate Republicans and our supporters continue to be the only thing standing between Democrats and the socialization of the American health care system.

As the Senate begins to consider this bill, please make sure to visit our new Health Care Task Force site And, if you haven’t already, join the effort and stay informed on what you can do. Learn the real facts about this bill and not the Democrat spin. We cannot allow Washington bureaucrats to take control of our health care system.


Senator John Cornyn




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Senator John Cornyn


Now that Reid and his Democrat cronies have pushed this monstrosity of a bill through, we all must do what we can to see that it dos not pass when debated and voted on. E-mail Senator Cornyn’s letter to everyone you know or e-mail this post or the link for this post.

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6 Responses to Health Care: What You Can Do, an e-mail from Sen. John Cornyn

  1. sex shop says:

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  2. Jessie M. Villa says:

    This bill is an injustice to all Americans.
    This bill, passed by the Democrats, was
    done by using bribery. Aside from that,
    the Democrats are lying about the coverage,
    especially for the senior generation.

  3. Dominic J. Villa says:

    This bill is too expensive and will raise
    our taxes condierably. This bill does not cover everyone, as reported by the Democrats.

  4. Mark Brasseit says:

    Blatant Fascism … unconstitutional …
    Purely outragious … anything but legal or ethical !

  5. boudicabpi says:

    Hi Jessie, Dominic,
    Gillibrand, Schumer, Hinchey and I believe Murphy are all for this. When they run for re-election they must be voted out. They are all up for re-election in 2010. Any thoughts, please let me know. Here is a link that may be of interest and I will post on all of my 6 blogs.
    Bob A.

  6. Lester Alexander says:

    I join the group that says we want America back. I’ve carried a social security card for 70 years. I’m a WWII veteran and it pains me to think I spent 4 years of my life (12-31-41 to 12-25-45) to preserve our freedom and now it is being jerked out from under us. Stop this “Health Care Bill” that will not help the seniors to continue with good coverage. And stop robbing the Social Security and giving to illegal immigrants who haven’t put a dime in the program. Why should we not give seniors their cola raise while Congress gives themselves a generous raise? (I could say much more, but please stop the Democrats from all this spending.

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