To America’s Silent Majority, and you younger generations, this includes you.  There are 537 members of Government ELECTED to represent over three-hundred and four-million U.S. citizens.  We have been allowing fewer than the total number to take control and rapidly move us away from the Republic, the very Government framed for this country by it’s Founding Fathers.  Also the Constitution, the Document put forth to protect and guarantee our Liberty, Freedoms and God Given Rights, is being ignored and/or abridged.  We must not allow any of this to continue.

Nation wide the will of the People is being expressed by awakened members of our Silent Majority at Tea Parties, Town Hall Meetings and on September 12th the march on Washington D.C.  Election Day November 2010 registered voters will be heard as they represent not only themselves but all Americans.
As much can happen before then, read the attached letter to President Obama with copies to your 2 U.S. Senators and your U.S. Congressman.  There are also others listed as optional at the end of the letter.       Fellow Americans it is time we reclaim this Government.  No matter your age get involved as this Country and it’s Government belongs to all of us.
There is a Project already under way which extends through September, October and November.  Kick off date to start faxing, e-mailing, sending by regular mail or hand delivering this letter was August 15th.  Letters are to be sent twice each month.  The first one between the 1st and 15th and the second one after the 15th.   The extended period of time allows for seeking out, informing and encouraging others to join-in and with the increase in numbers of letters they will not be ignored nor will we and our message that WE ARE RECLAIMING “OUR” GOVERNMENT!
Many Congressional Members after entering office are so indoctrinated and intimidated they become PUPPETS to their Party.  How many will welcome the opportunity to return to their original reason(s) for running for office and to be able to represent their Constituents as they originally intented?  How many?  Let’s find out!
If this is the first you have heard of the Project please join in, stay envolved and recruit others to help restore America.
Thank’s to Tom at Kingston Tea Party for sending this to me.
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  1. Al says:

    Two thumbs up to this blog, and all the modern day patriots seeking to restore the ideals of the Constitution.

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